Modeling section

The model runway of the Kamnik airstrip is located at the threshold of runway 29. Flying with RV models at the Kamnik airstrip is also suitable for complete beginners. The airstrip is surrounded on the S side by an industrial zone, which means that we do not disturb our neighbors with our RV models. Flying with RV models is recommended on the S side of the airstrip as there is a clear area there and there is no risk of damaging other people's property. On the J side, it is necessary to pay some attention to pedestrians and, in the case of sunny days, be careful not to lose the model in the sunlight while driving!


For flying RV models on the S side of the runway, it is recommended not to cross the border with the industrial zone. There are people present, solar power plants are installed on the roofs of buildings, which increases the risk of damage in the event of a signal failure between the transmitter and the RV model aircraft.


According to the new legislation, registration is mandatory for anyone planning to launch model aircraft or any unmanned aircraft. Registration is one of the requirements of the new EU regulation (ie: EU 2019/945 and 2019/945), which applies to everyone, including "classic modelers" and not just multi-rotor (drone) pilots.

For all members and non-members who will use the LKK airstrip to launch model aircraft or any unmanned aircraft, the operator/model insurance against a third party is also mandatory! More about the registration process itself in letter for clubs - Registration (PDF)



We must be aware that we are on the threshold of the runway of the Kamnik airstrip, so we must pay a large part of our attention to the right vessels that can use the runway for approach at any time. It is recommended to use the radio station and monitor what is happening in the air on the frequency Ljubljana Tower 118.005 Mhz

In the case of landing a real vessel, we must LAND with the RV model IMMEDIATELY and thus reduce the possibility of a collision in the air. RV models are difficult to see from the air!


Use of the track

The runway can be used by anyone who is a member of the Kamnik flying club.


Order and cleanliness

Users of the modeling runway can open the airstrip gate via mobile phone. It is necessary to ensure that the gate is always lowered after entering and exiting the airfield. Users of the airstrip should clean up the waste behind them. All participants in the management of model vessels must read and carry out the activity according to Regulations on the use of the airfield for modeling purposes_LKK  and observe the flight schedule of LLK.