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The airstrip Kamnik is located south of the city of Kamnik, in a fenced part of the Duplica industrial zone, which is very well visible from the air. For ultralight aircraft (ULN), the NORTHERN SCHOOL CIRCLE (runway 11 for landing) is used with a maximum flying height of 2000 ft QNH, or with a height previously agreed with Brnik Airport traffic control. The airstrip is one-sided, runway 11, and runway 29. South-east of the airstrip is a high-voltage power line with poles up to 35 meters high. The airfield is located within the controlled airspace (CTR) of the Brnik airport, so the Instructions for the use of the airfield, which summarizes the exceptions prescribed by the Air Traffic Control Agreement, are strictly followed.


The airstrip serves exclusively for the activities of members of the Kamnik Aviation Club. Both club members and guest users must be familiar with the Instructions for the use of the Kamnik airstrip before they are allowed to operate on the airstrip. The use of a radio station is mandatory for flying in the use area of the Kamnik airstrip. All aircraft using the airfield must have radio communication with the Brnik Tower on the frequency 118.005 MHz.


Operation of the Kamnik Airstrip 2024 (PDF)


  • VPS dimensions 425 x 25m
  • Course VPS 292/112 (29 – 11)
  • Elevation 1145 ft (349m)
  • Frequency 123.505 Mhz
  • RUNWAY 11
  • whenever the weather conditions do not allow such a flight regime, the airstrip is CLOSED
  • The standard school circuit is NORTH (track 11)

Agreement with Control of Air Traffic of Slovenia doo (PDF)


Instructions for using the Kamnik airstrip (PDF)

Usable frequencies:
Ljubljana info 118.480 Mhz
Ljubljana tower 118.005 Mhz

Visitor restrictions:

Kamnik - Duplica Airport is closed to visitors until further notice. Only permanently installed aircraft flown by pilots - LKK members are allowed to fly.


PPR – (Prior permission is required) is mandatory for all aircraft that need to land or use of the airfield. This ensures that the pilots visiting the airfield are fully aware of the KZPS agreement and the arrival/departure procedures to/from the Kamnik – Duplica private airport.


Kamnik - Duplica airfield is temporarily closed for visitors until further notice. Flight operations are granted only for permanently stationed aircraft, flown by LKKpilots / members. PPR – (Prior Permission Required) is mandatory for all aircraft in need of land/ departure from the airfield. This ensures that pilots visiting the airfield are fully briefed on the KZPS agreement and approach/departure procedures to the private airfield Kamnik – Duplica.